Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Find a Legitimate Wholesale Distributor

Finding a legitimate wholesale distributor is not an easy task, especially when attempting to do so by searching through Google and Yahoo tirelessly.

You will find a slew of wholesale distributors that at least claim to be so. The majority of the time what you are dealing with is a well versed middle-man that stands between you and the real distributor. It is very difficult to determine what is legit and what is not.

Many times, these middle-men are legitimate companies that mean no harm and do not intend to rip you off. They simply facilitate your orders through there own company and they make contact with the actual wholesale distributor. This simply places a step between you and where you need to be. This will make your inventory more costly as the middle-man wants his cut.

My best advice to you is to slap down the fee and join one of the reputable wholesale distributor services that are available online. I've gone through and tested and communicated with many of them myself to determine their legitimacy.

One of the better wholesale distributor companies is OneSource - World Wide Brands. I personally have used them for a few years and find that they have a massive amount of legitimate wholesale distributors already lined up for you to contact. All of their distributors have been verified and the majority of them offer drop shipping services. Give them a look.

Good Luck,

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Jim said...

You're right it can be a bit of a hassle finding good wholesale suppliers, I've chopped and changed but think i've found the one that suits me best.