Thursday, September 13, 2007

Develop a Good Relationship With Your Wholesale Distributor

You must develop a relationship with your wholesale distributor to be successful. I assure you, they want to know a bit about you as both parties will be on a joint venture for money making success.

Never be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to a wholesale distributor, especially after you have gotten your account. You will most likely be assigned an account manager who will oversee everything involved with the transactions between your business and theirs.

The wholesale distributor will view you as a professional business owner, just like the owner and CEO of Wal-Mart or Exxon. Maybe you aren't that big, but you are a business owner, and your wholesale distributor will respect you as one.

Don't be afraid to be human. Ask question about the distribution process. Not only will you learn much from your distributor, you will be developing your business relationship. Wholesale distributor account managers know their business and are more than happy to help you in many ways. They want to see you succeed as this will make them look good to their bosses all the way up the ladder.

Another very important tool in the relationship building process is your email account. Send emails to your wholesale distributor account manager. I wouldn't suggest overdoing it. They will certainly be managing more accounts than yours. But, always stay in contact. I send my account managers at least one email a week. My tone is friendly and always professional. I will greet them personally but I never waist their time with banter. I get down to business immediately.

I suggest you do the same as I do above. Be friendly, but get down to business. Develop a relationship with your wholesale distributor. And then, watch your business grow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Find a Legitimate Wholesale Distributor

Finding a legitimate wholesale distributor is not an easy task, especially when attempting to do so by searching through Google and Yahoo tirelessly.

You will find a slew of wholesale distributors that at least claim to be so. The majority of the time what you are dealing with is a well versed middle-man that stands between you and the real distributor. It is very difficult to determine what is legit and what is not.

Many times, these middle-men are legitimate companies that mean no harm and do not intend to rip you off. They simply facilitate your orders through there own company and they make contact with the actual wholesale distributor. This simply places a step between you and where you need to be. This will make your inventory more costly as the middle-man wants his cut.

My best advice to you is to slap down the fee and join one of the reputable wholesale distributor services that are available online. I've gone through and tested and communicated with many of them myself to determine their legitimacy.

One of the better wholesale distributor companies is OneSource - World Wide Brands. I personally have used them for a few years and find that they have a massive amount of legitimate wholesale distributors already lined up for you to contact. All of their distributors have been verified and the majority of them offer drop shipping services. Give them a look.

Good Luck,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wholesale Distributor Defined and What to Look For in a Good One

The wholesale distributor is incredibly vital to manufacturers and retailers. They simply could not survive without them. So, what are they, how do they work and how do we tell if they are legitimate or not?

Many do not know what the wholesale distributor is, what makes them so important, to the whole process of creating and selling manufactured goods to the customer. The answer to this question is simple; understanding the answer will provide you a chunk of information that will aid you in the search for your first or next wholesale distributor.

The wholesale distributor buys from the manufacturer at the lowest price obtainable through compromise and long-time exchange. One example of this would be an electronic mp3 player. The manufacturer produces the mp3 player in huge amounts. They focus on creating the best mp3 player on the market. They underline making it better, faster, with more storage, with better audio and many other details.

After the item is manufactured, the wholesale distributor negotiates the price. This is very important to the entire process as this is how the product reaches the consumer. This gives the wholesale distributor some bargaining ability to get a very good price. The manufacturer acknowledges that they could not function without the wholesaler.

Once the agreement is made, the wholesale distributor takes their large purchase and integrates it into their inventory consisting of many other related products. This expands their line of goods to make them more alluring to the retailers.

The wholesale distributor then starts promoting this new electronic mp3 player by contacting their retailers and offering deals, specials or whatever it takes to get the new product onto the retail marketplace. They sell these items to the retailers for an improved price to enable the wholesale distributor to make a profit. They attempt to keep the price low enough to be reasonable and to enable the retailer to purchase the product at a fair enough price to allow them to be profitable as well.

Most of you reading this are not wholesale distributors; you are most likely to be retailers exploring options for product sources. You should contact the wholesale distributor to obtain a wholesale price list. There are many ways to go about this, but remember, the majority of wholesale distributors will want to verify that you are a legit business before the reveal their inventory and their wholesale pricing.

To verify that you are a legit business to the wholesale distributor, you will need a business license from the state where you operate and an EIN number given to you by the IRS. These two items make you a trustworthy business. It is a positive thing when the distributor verifies this information. If they will sell to those that are not legitimate businesses, they are not legitimate wholesale distributors. They would simply be middle-men placing themselves between you and the true wholesale distributor.

To clarify a bit more about the exact definition of a wholesale distributor, remember that according to U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook, published by The McGraw-Hill Companies and the U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration, wholesale trade includes establishments that sell products to retailers, merchants, contractors and/or industrial, institutional and commercial users. Wholesale distributors commonly do not sell to consumers. If you find that you have a potential wholesaler that does sell to the consumer, drop them like a bad habit. There are many more that do not practice this.

Why would I advise you to avoid the above scenario in which the wholesale distributor is selling to the public consumer? Ask yourself how you can compete. In all actuality, you will be purchasing products at a discount and not at a wholesale price. It would be like shopping at a sale at your local retail store. You are not getting the best price and therefore, are not going to make the profit essential to maintain a solid business.

On the other hand, a true wholesale distributor could possibly offer their products to the consumer. This does happen at times. Ensure that you examine this practice closely. About the only condition that I might do business with a wholesaler that retails is when they offer their goods to the public at bulk buy rates. I would make sure that they would still offer my retail company a significantly better deal than the consumer is getting. Otherwise, the profit is not there and the endeavor is not worth it.

Now you should have a good understanding of the wholesale distributor. You know what their function is and how they fit into the commerce method. You now know what to research such as the pricing of the wholesale goods, whether they sell to the public and whether they verify that your company as a legit business.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wholesale Distributor - A Tip or Two

Wholesale distributors by Gunaseelan

Are you planning to start a new retail or wholesale business? You must be looking for a reliable partner who can supply products and goods at time and at reasonable price. Your problem could be solved by a reliable and genuine wholesale distributor. Wholesale distributors is any person or business that offer products and good to other retailers and wholesalers for resale. The distributor could be a reseller in the industry, a manufacturer or a importer.

Although it is not a new concept, rather it is very common to build partnership with distributors for continuous supply of good. Large organizations and product manufacturers can not afford long delays for their supplies. This can directly effect their production effecting the overall goals of the organization. During old days people used to travel all around the world on camel backs, on horses on large boats and then huge ships stocked with products which they used to sell in bulk to the customers in different parts of the world. Now a days distribution could be anything, distributing products through vans, trucks, trains and ships or by air from one place to another.

There are several different kinds of wholesale distributors out there in different industries, distributing different items and keeping the heart of the industry beating. Wholesale distributer play a role of industry blood lines. They sell products in different ways and distribute them in several different ways. They can distribute through trucks, through other transport, via hand, by telephone or by courier. Another way through which distributors can distribute their products is through Internet. In any case wholesale distributer keep the blood lines of the industry running.

The products that wholesale distributer can sell range from a very minor thing to huge products. From small pins to huge industrial machines, from computer software to large number to computer hardware, from medicine to food items. In other words wholesale distributors can distribute anything you can think of.

Becoming a wholesale distributer is not very difficult. All you need is personal contacts, a car for shipping heavy materials, some money in the pocket and above all some common sense. Initially this is enough for starting a wholesale distributer business.

This is a good idea for startups. First start from distributing small things to small areas. For example you can sell milk, soaps, detergents, watches, toys and sunglasses etc to the local stores and supermarkets. Try to build good relationship with them, make as many contacts as you can and keep trying to find more horizons to expand your business through these contacts. You can get some profits instantaneously and when you feel you have enough money, try to distribute larger items, you may move from supermarkets and local stores to larger industries and distribute industrial products.

So becoming a good wholesale distributer does not require millions of dollars. It is not difficult to start the business rather you can start your wholesale distribution with only a handful of money and earn great rewards instantaneously.

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